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A global player and a market leader in surface engineering, Diesel Marine International (DMI) has over thirty years of experience in the servicing and reconditioning of industrial and marine components. As a result if growing worldwide demand for these services, DMI (Ningbo) has been established at the strategic port of China to cater to the vessels trading in and around region.
DMI (Ningbo) enters the new millennium with a strong repertoire of rich trade experience as well as sound sales and marketing knowledge. This network provides ship owners and operators with cost effective, high quality components that have been reconditioned to original OEM specifications. With most common components available in stock, the exchange services will allow for minimal downtime of vessels.

DMI (Ningbo) has complete technical specifications and production technology for:
• Reconditioning of large steel pistons to original conditions. This includes the chrome plating and grinding of ring grooves.
• Reconditioning of large steel cylinder covers, includes the replacement of the cast steel combustion chamber.
• Reconditioning of piston skirts, with the replacement of the rubbing band(s),
• Reconditioning of exhaust valve spindles(Stellite or Nimonic material), seats and cages, with the use of hard surface technologies where necessary.
• Reconditioning of piston rods based on customer or OEM specifications.
Services available at DMI (Ningbo) include hard chrome plating, nickel plating, plasma and HVOF spray, crankshaft grinding, in-situ machining, in-situ grinding and on board services.
DMI (Ningbo) has been certificated by ISO 9001 Quality System, and achieved works approval certificates by DNV class.
DMI(Ningbo) has set up logistic agencies along the Chinese coastal port cities so as to provide better service to our customers. With the help of DMI agencies around the global. DMI(Ningbo) facilitates correspondence with ship-owners home and abroad successfully.



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